Questions on choosing my Krieghoff

Each Krighoff shotgun has a rib designed for both the shooter as well as the shooting style necessary for each specific sport. While some ribs are very specific (Double Trap Rib) others are more universal (Tapered Flat Sporting Rib). It all depends on finding the rib and stock combination that gives you the best sight picture. Head on the stock, pupil of your eye directly over the rib. It's best to shoulder guns with the different ribs for the type of shooting you'll be doing the most and shoot each.

Based on the Remington Model 32 designed in 1932 the Krieghoff K-32 was introduced to the US market in 1957. After Kenneth A. Jones used a K-32 to win the trapshooting world championship in 1966 the popularity exploded. Then after Don Haldeman won the Gold Medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics the platform was established as a serious competitive shotgun. The K-80 was introduced in 1980 with the key improvements being made to metallurgy and overall strength. The action, locks and mechanics of the gun however, remained the same. There have been numerous upgrades to the system over the years, but since the fundamental structure of the guns remains the same it's possible to "upgrade" a K-32 built in 1958 to modern components used in today's K-80.

We offer demo opportunities at several large shooting events throughout the year. Some of our Dealers also have Demo programs where you can try out guns. Be sure to check out our events page to see where we'll be set up next.

Nickel finish offers the most durability and is bright like the nickel you carry in your pocket, while nitride offers a “French Gray” look and more suitable for deeper engravings. For gold inlays, it is necessary to have a nitride, blue or case color hardened finish.

For dedicated Singles and Handicap shooters, the KX-6 Special is the ideal choice. If you want the flexibility to change configuration or add an O/U barrel in the future, we recommend the K-80 ACS or Trap Special Unsingle model.

No, we do not sell guns or barrels directly. All firearms must be purchased through one of our select dealers. You can search for a Dealer with the Dealer Locator.

We are one of the few manufacturers that offer stocks specifically designed for either right or left hand shooters in most models. With the Left-Handed models the buttstock is cast appropriately as well having a different cant and left-handed palm swell. We can also change the opening of the top lever for left-handed shooters. Most of our guns can be configured for left-handed shooters.

Krieghoff International has a Custom Stock department located in its Ottsville, PA facility.  From selecting your own blank, designing a custom checkering pattering and making a stock tailored to fit you, our highly trained woodsmiths can do it all.

Any of the Krieghoff buttstocks and forends offered for the K-80 will fit the receiver. We recommend you work with your Krieghoff Dealer to select the best stock and forend combination that works for you.

Yes, you may provide your ideas, photos etc to Krieghoff and request a quote on a custom engraving. Be sure to check out the Custom Engraving and GOY sections of the website for ideas.

Krieghoff does not purchase or sell pre-owned firearms. Most of our dealers will gladly take a gun in trade or purchase used Krieghoff guns as well as sell pre-owned firearms. Visit our Authorized Dealer locator to find the Dealer in your area.

If you purchase a new gun, Krieghoff International will accept the original factory wood that came on the gun as a trade, provided it is in 100% condition. Any scratches or damage will result in charges to the dealer or end customer. Assuming the wood is in 100% condition, you can select a blank up to the corresponding wood grade of the traded piece. For example, if you purchase a gun with Vintage Scroll engraving and trade in the original factory wood that came on the gun, you may choose a blank up to CAT002 grade and upgrade from there. By doing this, you will only be paying our custom stock charge, not for the additional wood.

Questions for maintaining and servicing my Krieghoff

We recommend that the bores of your shotgun be cleaned after each use with a bore solvent and brass bristled brush, followed by cleaning patches until clean. This will help prevent plastic and lead buildup.

We recommend an Annual Service every 15,000-20,000 rounds. We conduct a complete disassembly of the gun, inspect the parts for undue wear, headspace and bore, install new springs and firing pins, clean the action and ejectors, lubricate all critical parts, and adjust everything back to factory specifications.

While there are many accomplished gunsmiths, it is suggested that Krieghoff International or one of our factory service/warranty locations handle your service. We have provided training to a small number of additional gunmiths scattered throughout the country, and depending on the service needed, we can point you to one of these other shops.

As a repair you can ship your gun directly to us and we can return it directly to you.  If you ship your gun from a dealer it has to be returned to a dealer. 

You can ship via UPS, Federal Express or through the mail.  We return ship via UPS/Ground unless other arrangements are specified.  Note our UPS/Fed Ex shipping address is: 7528 Easton Road, Ottsville PA 18942

No, unlike pistols, shotguns do not have to be shipped next day air. Shotguns and rifles can be shipped ground. We do recommend that you insure for the full value of the gun.

Your gun should be sent in a protective case within a cardboard box. Proper packing material should be used to ensure that the gun cannot shake, rattle, or move around in the box at all. Make sure to insure each package for the full value of the gun.

Service times vary throughout the year; it depends on the shooting season as well as the type of service you need. Our objective is to complete a common service like a K-80 Annual in two weeks, but it's best to call the service department to get a more precise timeline.

We recommend using Krieghoff Gun Glide on the friction parts, and GP Gun Pro Oil on the metal surfaces to prevent rust. There are detailed instructions on how to properly lube and oil your firearm based on the model in the Owners Manual. Owners Manuals are available for download in this Resource Section of the website. There is also an excellent video on YouTube on lubing your K-80.

No, unless a situation demands it. Short of shooting the gun in the pouring rain, there's no need to remove the buttstock. If you do get the gun tremendously wet, carefully remove the stock and use an aerosol type oil to “mist” the receiver to lubricate it. You may place small amounts of grease on the sears, hammers, and selector as well if none is present. If grease is present, no additional grease is needed.

In many cases we can identify the age (approximate in some cases if it was pre-WWII). Contact us at info@krieghoff.com, be sure to include the Serial Number and Model information.

Questions for customizing my Krieghoff

The thread size on both sights is a metric 2.5mm, M2.5. Yes, you can install a brass mid bead in the threaded hole of the front sight.

Yes we have several sizes and styles, please contact our Parts Department to learn what sights are offered for the K-80 and K-20

No. The barrel monoblock on a barrel with an adjustable rib has a special base integrally attached to the monoblock providing a solid base for the rear of the rib.

The POI is dependent on the ammunition and distance. At 25 Yards with #7.5 1oz. 1200 fps load one size in fronthanger changes the POI about 2-3 inches..  The smaller the number, the higher the bottom barrel will shoot in relation to the top barrel.

Yes, however we suggest a qualified Krieghoff gunsmith do this with the proper tool to insure that the barrel or barrel finish is not damaged.

Yes and this is a common K-32 upgrade. Contact the Service Department for pricing.

Yes. They need to be fitted by a qualified Krieghoff gunsmith, but you can use a K-80 stock or barrel on your K-32. The K-80 stock will have a small gap by the triggerguard however since the profile of the K-32 triggerguard is different.

It's not recommended that you try to change the trigger shoe without the proper tools and experience. The trigger guard must be removed first, and removing and replacing the triggerguard without damaging the finish of the receiver and stock is tricky.

Yes, it is possible. If we are adding to an existing gun, we need to do a new top latch and trigger guard but both can be done with matching finish type, scroll work and have the desired figures in gold or no gold. The choice is yours! Contact your local dealer today for a quote.

No, it's not recommended. The Toplatch must be fitted to your receiver and barrels. It's advised that you have a qualified Krieghoff Gunsmith install a new or different Toplatch.

Refer to the Owners Manual for locating the screws to lock/unlock your safety or barrel selector. The Owners Manual is located in the Resource Section of the website in PDF.

We don't recommend it. Since the receivers have a hardened surface after the original engraving it is very difficult to add engraving to a hardened surface.

Yes, this is often possible depending on the type of finish. Some finishing processes can be done in Ottsville in other cases it may entail sending parts to Krieghoff in Germany which usually take as 4-5 months.

Krieghoff uses both Negrini and Americase for our shotgun and rifle cases. We don't keep records of codes, it's best to contact the manufacturer at: Negrini https://negrinicases.com/contact-us/ Americase https://americase.com/connect/

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