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An important part of providing exemplary service for any product is to also have the parts available for service and repair. Many great products and companies have failed due to a lack of satisfactory parts availability to service products after they're sold. Guns are machines; they wear and even the best designs sometimes break. At Krieghoff International we stock a wide selection of parts for service and adaptability. We have parts that shooters can replace, like choke tubes, barrels weights and comb adjustment washers. We also provide parts like ejector balls & springs, front hangers and sights. And we provide parts for qualified Krieghoff Gunsmiths that include trigger parts, top latches, springs and stocks. Remember to always take your gun to a qualified Krieghoff Gunsmith for any major repairs or warranty work, but you can be assured that we will stock the parts necessary to get you and your gun back in the field as soon as possible. Contact us with any questions you may have in regards to your gun.


We provide factory parts to service Krieghoff Guns from a classic Drilling to the latest K-80. Common parts requests are items like:

  • Ejector ball and springs
  • C-clips
  • Replacement sights

The majority of our parts for gun repair and maintenance require a qualified Krieghoff Gunsmith. Contact us for information and part availability.


Top Latch & Trigger Guard Gallery

The K-80 and K-20 top latch is an iconic part of our shotguns. It's how shooters can easily identify the K-80 from other guns on the field. It's also one of the most common upgrades as individuals look to put a personal flair to their gun. Our most notable top latch is the Golden Broken Target, but the choices are endless. Here are some examples of top latches and trigger guards we've provided in the past. Check with the Parts Department to see what we have in stock, or how to order a fully custom engraved top latch or trigger guard.

Contact The Parts Department

Email the Parts Department with questions about availability or finding the right part for your Krieghoff. Also be sure to check the eStore for accessories and clearance parts items.

Krieghoff Parts
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    Krieghoff Stock Weight System

    Krieghoff Barrel Weights

    Titanium Choke Tube and Titanium Front Hanger

    Chokes & Choke Wrenches

    Custom Hinge Pins

    Gold Plated Trigger

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