Classic "Big Five" Double Rifle

Classic “Big Five” Double Rifle. The big game version of the Classic has all the attributes of the legendary Safari rifles.

Nothing epitomizes the skills and experience needed for a successful hunt like taking game with a classic double rifle. Prized by dangerous game hunters for years the classic double rifle provides the security and reliability when each shot really counts. The Krieghoff Classic "Big Five" Double Rifle combines the heritage of the traditional side-by-side and the sophistication of the most modern design and manufacturing technology. The CLASSIC is available in the most common and suitable calibers. Krieghoff’s master gunmakers combined both traditional wisdom and innovative ideas to build a rifle that provides the ultimate in safety and reliability and a wide range of features that ensure smooth, quick, and accurate shooting. In addition to the superb handling of the rifle, a most important feature is the manual cocking device, which is located on the top tang, in the position usually occupied by a conventional safety. It allows carrying the CLASSIC fully loaded with the hammers uncocked – the safest position since there is no chance of an accidental discharge. Craig Boddington, an accomplished hunter and knowledgeable writer remarks: “After using it in the field, I am increasingly impressed with your cocking device versus a traditional safety. Great rifle, and of course it performed wonderfully.”

.375 H&H Mag.
.450/.400 N.E.
.500/.416 N.E. (3-1/4")
.470 N.E
.500 N.E (3')
Barrel Length:
Standard 24"
Right-handed stock with Rigby-style cheekpiece and Semi-Beavertail forearm


  • Twin-hammer action with Universal Trigger System and Combi-Cocking Device
  • Set trigger integrated in the front trigger
  • Slim compact steel action with reinforced sidewalls for extra strength
  • Small Arabesques engraving
  • Ergonomically shaped Kickspanner manual cocking device providing safe and simple operation
  • Automatic hammer safety to prevent the Classic from firing unless it is fully closed
  • Short opening angle for fast, easy loading
  • Purdey style extension between the barrels and the face of the standing breech to withstand lateral bending forces
  • Virtually horizontal firing pin placement for error-free firing and fast lock-time
  • Sliding, self-adjusting wedge for secure bolting
  • Broad, massive underlugs to withstand wear and provide optimal seating of the underlug in the action
  • Reliable ejector
  • Front plate for pivot bridge mount
  • Steel trigger floor plate and steel trigger guard
  • Nickel plated receiver finish
  • Quick detachable sling swivels
  • Muzzle adjustment
  • Rubber recoil pad in black

Specifications And Options

  • Intelligent Ejector System (IES)
  • Krieghoff 1-2 trigger
  • Single combination trigger (only available up to .375)
  • Krieghoff see through sight
  • Second set trigger installed in the rear trigger
  • Spring loaded extractor claws for rimless rifle cartridges
  • BreaKO recoil reducer
  • Interchangeable choke tubes
  • Scope mounts
  • “PH-ProCoating” (corrosion resistant Ilaflon-Coating for barrel)
  • Blued or nitrided action finish
  • Short barrel length 22″
  • Interchangeable barrels: Double rifle, “Big Five” double rifle, side-by-side rifle/shotgun combination and side-by-side shotgun

It is possible to install these screw-in chokes into fixed choke barrels retroactively. Available in 20 Gauge. Available in the following versions:


0 SK Skeet .005″
1 IC Improved Cylinder .010″
1+ LM Light Modified .015″
2 M Modified .020″
2+ LIM Light Improved Modified .025″
3 IM Improved Modified .030″
4 F Full .035″
5 SF Super Full* (12 Ga Only) .040″
  • Standard engravings with or without side plates
  • Internal lock parts nickel plated or gold plated, trigger gold plated or trigger titanium nitrated (gold color appearance)

Further standard engraving motifs, and standard features see price list as well as individual custom engravings and custom features on request.

Engraving options
  • Stocks: Upgraded wood, hand made custom stock, special stock design and different recoil pads
  • Exclusive Options: Façon Exclusive, handrubbed stock finish and stock carvings
  • Stock magazine with hinged cover plate, standard boundary line engraving included, other engravings upon request
  • Monograms: Can be engraved into a separate steel plate, which is fitted into the pistol grip of the rear stock or the monogram can be integrated into the top lever or the trigger guard
  • Exhibition-Custom
    • A custom fit stock is almost entirely hand made with only minimal pre-machining. A typical stock dimensions and longer stock lengths generally require a custom fit stock. Further information on request
Left-handed stock

Left-handed stocks available.


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