Essencia “Big Five” Double Rifle

"A masterpiece, perfectly matched for dangerous game hunting"

Essencia “Big Five” Double Rifle.

Krieghoff presents a masterpiece of precision an elegance with its Essencia line. Perfectly matched to the dangerous game hunt in the model "Big Five", the characteristic side locks offer excellent persistence, constant trigger characteristics and highest safety features. The genuine back action sidelocks have all internal parts and triggers gold plated, while the color-case hardened receiver is engraved with English scrolls. The elegant round body action and the Holland & Holland style ejectors ensure responsiveness and easy handling. The Essencia is also available as side-by-side shotgun or single shot rifle.

.470 NE; .500 NE; .577 NE
More calibers on request
25" with matted Express Rib
"Big Five" Double Rifle
Double Triggers, Automatic Safety
"Big Five" Double Rifle
Deluxe grade Turkish walnut.


  • Round-body, back action Sidelock with a Purdey-style third fastener
  • Fine English Scroll Engraving; color case hardening
  • “Krieghoff” engraved gold on both sides of the action body
  • Safari style buttstock with straight comb for optimal recoil transmission, Rigby style cheekpiece and fine hand cut checkering on Deluxe grade Turkish walnut wood with traditional hand rubbed oil finish
  • Gold-washed triggers and lockwork
  • Double triggers, the front articulated
  • Extended top tang and trigger guard
  • Automatic sliding tang safety
  • Gold-plated cocking indicator
  • Automatic selective ejectors (H&H style)
  • Steel pistol grip cap and spare sight compartment
  • Safari style matted express rib
  • Front metal “pearl” bead sight
  • Exquisite Krieghoff oak and leather hard case and accessory kit

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Essencia Sidelock "Big Five" Double Rifle

Pure elegance, first-class craftsmanship and proven technology: the Essencia “Big Five” is a sidelock double rifle which falls into the same category as the highly coveted “best” English Double Rifles

The lines and shapes of this gun are soft and round, the weight distribution and overall weight make the Essencia Big Five Double Rifle the best companion on a dangerous game safari with unmatched balance, pointability , trigger characteristics and reliability.

Standard Case Color Hardened Finish with Gold Monogram

Specifications And Options

Additional Essencia Double Rifle Options:
  • Custom engraving options available
  • Special calibers up to .700 NE on request
  • French Gray Nitride or Blued Finish
  • Multi leaf folding sight with distance engraving in Gold
  • Initials engraved in gold on trigger guard
  • Initials in gold oval inlaid at the bottom edge of buttstock
  • Wood upgrade to “Very Best”
  • Non-automatic safety
  • Other custom options on request
    • Length: 25″
    • Express Rib, Matted
    • “Krieghoff” and caliber such as “.500 NE” engraved in Gold on rib
    • Krieghoff “See-Through” sight with folding front moon sight; spare front sight.
    • Double barrel bands in gold
    • Purdy Lock-up
    • Automatic ejectors
    • 1″ detachable sling swivels
Frame Size 12 GA (2 3/4″) 16 GA (2 3/4″) 20 GA (3″) 28 GA (2 3/4″) .410 (3″)
Essencia 12GA 28″ or 30″
Essencia 20GA 28″ or 30″ 28″ or 30″ 28″ or 30″
Essencia 28GA 28″ or 30″ 28″
*All barrels are choked 1/4 and 1/2 (IC/M)


Essencia Sidelock “Big Five” Double Rifle:

The Krieghoff Essencia Sidelock “Big Five” Double Rifle is built on a modified 12 gauge frame

  • Full sidelocks in form and shape matching the Essencia Program
  • English Scroll Engraving as on Essencia Sidelock
  • “Krieghoff” and “Essencia” engraved in Gold on receiver bottom
  • All metal finish Case Color Hardened
  • Double Triggers
  • Automatic Safety
Essencia Sidelock “Big Five” Double Rifle Stock Options:
  • Right Hand stock with Rigby cheek piece made to customer’s dimensions
  • Wood Grade:  Essencia Deluxe
  • Kick-Eez black rubber recoil pad installed (other pads or colors on request)
  • Gold Oval inlayed in underside of buttstock
  • Pistol Grip Cap with trap for extra front sight; engraved and case color hardened
  • Essencia Oak and Leather Case with protective Canvas Cover; Facchina leather emblem on outside of case

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